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Groupon disclaimer update:
As we have previously posted, Groupon is running an advertisement that names MorePzazz. This is done without authorization by the owners of MorePzazz. The advertisement is for one stylist, Krista Coughron.
Krista has decided to take an unspecified leave of absence from our salon for personal reasons.
As this is an offer for services provided solely by and paid specifically to Krista, we do not have the ability to accept the Groupon certificates for services with any other stylist in our salon.
We have asked repeatedly for Groupon to remove our name from the advertisement, but they refuse. We are in the process of pursuing litigation against Groupon.
We advise anyone who has purchased a Groupon certificate and who will not be able to wait for Krista to return to contact Groupon for a refund.
Again, we did not authorize this advertisement and Groupon has refused to remove our name from the advertisement. We apologize for any inconvenience. We do value all of our clients and hope to see you in our salon.

Adam and Judith Smith 
More Pzazz.